The cover is creative and adds to the curiosity of the book. The book is very useful to people who are doing business and dealing with stock markets / trading every now and then. The book is simple and easy to understand. The author made it a point to explain everything properly. The use of various examples makes the book really interactive. This book has most of the answers to the questions one faces while dealing with stock markets. The author has made sure to keep the book as interesting as possible. The book acts as a mentor and also shows how much research and experience has been put up to get the book a proper tip- to-tip guide. Highly recommended for all novice as well as professional Traders and new entrants into Trading.
I have known Annamalai for a few years now and I am extremely happy and satisfied with his service. His knowledge of the stock market had helped me make some smart decisions and he set me up for success with his timely expert advice.
CEO - Aroul Spares
This book (Secrets You Never Knew About Stock Market Investment & Trading) is for both, the novice and the experienced in Stock Markets. The author reveals the less known facts about Indian Stock Market in a simple yet interesting way
SVP Head of Globalization Services at SAP and Founder of India Inclusion Foundation
I didn't realise how much money I was wasting on brokers until I read this book. The book has detail explanation on the scams that many brokerage companies make use of to trap clients. As someone who had been using brokers and losing money as well, I found the information in the book extremely beneficial to my situation. It takes some effort and time, but through this book I am now managing my own stock portfolio.
V M Innovations
As the book claims, it really is simple enough to be understood by someone who has very basic knowledge of the stock market. The author explains everything in simple words making it a very easy read, while at the same time giving priceless information about the stock market and how to wield it to your advantage. It's a must read if you are a beginner but want to learn the know-how of the stock market.
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