Investment Advisory

We recommend one quality stock per month for long term investment (6 months to 2 years holding period). Detailed report with reasons for buying will be emailed to you every month. When to exit and repeat buy calls will be emailed when necessary arises.

Kindly don’t subscribe to our package:

  1. If you expect us to give intraday calls or F&O tips
  2. If you are not comfortable for a holding period of minimum 6 months to 2 years.
  3. If you expect 100{d27f872acf8e1919fbe58d0f251fd746fe1e3ea19ad3be306d3065db6030f8ee} success rate. Stock market is like a roler coaster ride and predicting the future with the current facts is possible only to certain extent. Beware of market risks.
  4. If you expect more than 30 {d27f872acf8e1919fbe58d0f251fd746fe1e3ea19ad3be306d3065db6030f8ee} return within a short period.
  5. If you expect us to answer random stock queries. We are happy to answer only queries related to our recommended stocks.

2 packages

Quarterly package: Coming Soon
Annual package: Coming Soon