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Interview of author by writing geeks

Interview With Swaminathan Annamalai, the king of Stock Market Swaminatha Annamalai is an engineer by qualification, businessman by profession, and an ardent fan of Mr. Warren Buffet. He began trading and investing in the Indian stock market during his undergraduate days and there began his passion for the stock market. Amazon.in Chit Chat Session ¬†Briefly describe your journey until now. I am […]

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Low float / Low liquid stocks

What does low float mean? Share float is nothing but the total number of shares of a company that are available for trading. Low float means, very less number of shares of a company is only available for trading. These companies have large promoter shareholding but less number of shares available for trading. If share float is less than 20{d27f872acf8e1919fbe58d0f251fd746fe1e3ea19ad3be306d3065db6030f8ee} of the […]