About Us

Who we are and why us?

At equityforte.com we provide customised service. Our approach is straightforward and we create tangible value for your blocked investment. One stop shop for all your needs such as dematerialisation of shares, unclaimed dividends, selling delisted shares, existing portfolio review and investment advisory. We provide tailor-made service and each case is thoroughly researched as a unique case rather than providing a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Equityforte.com acts as a bridge between you and the company and thus gets the issue resolved. We take up your case with respective authorities, do all legwork, and bear the pain of lengthy legal procedures for you. As soon as we enter an agreement, your hassle becomes ours. You can rest assured that we would walk extra miles to get your money back which you deserve so rightly.

We are extremely transparent in our dealings and we provide best rates, genuine trades, deal completion guarantee and no hidden charges. We put lots of efforts to ensure that investors make profits in stock investments.

We provide a unique exit route to those who are stuck with large quantities of securities that they cannot sell.

Our solitary mission is to continually improve our services and to maintain a high level of excellence, which will meet and exceed the needs of our current and future clients, thereby enhancing their values. Investor’s profit is our motto.

For any further queries, feel free to drop us an email at contact@equityforte.com